About Yukon Innovation Week 2022

Innovation Week is an annual opportunity to give local innovators, entrepreneurs, social enterprises, community organizations and citizens ways to think differently, tools and inspiration to tackle tough challenges, and connections to problem solvers and future builders across the Yukon.

Join us at events throughout the week to connect, make, learn and innovate.

Save the date!

This years’ Yukon Innovation Week will run from November 21 – 26, 2022.

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Creating opportunities for people to listen, learn and form a new viewpoint for change. Come meet inspired, innovative individuals. Build your connections and get involved in our community.

Empowering people to build together from who we are and what makes us different. Let’s get together, share our skills, and innovate to make new things.


After the inspiration of meeting and the exploration of making, let’s celebrate where we are and where we’re going. Growth encourages us to launch new things, and dream for the future we’re building together.

It’s Yukon Innovation Week 2022 and the Yukon Entrepreneur Podcast is featuring a mini-series of insightful conversations with Yukon entrepreneurs and innovators.

Join us for great conversations with Yukon innovators who are transforming our economy and affecting positive change by connecting, creating and collaborating to build a better Yukon for everyone.