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Tech Trends: Avoid or Adopt?

November 17, 2021 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Week 3 – A New Deal: Imagining and Shaping Our New Hybrid Worlds

Session opening  by: TBC

Speakers from Montreal, Calgary and beyond will discuss digital technologies to watch and try to unravel both the promise and the hype. First we’ll consider the rise of Bots on the Internet with Tammy Lee/ Culture Creates. She’ll help us understand the implications for presenters web presence and how quickly they might need to change to keep up with the relentless web evolution.

Art Proctor, Calgary-based crypto artist, community manager, entertainment & Immersive Media consultant, will unpack the goods on how NFT’s (Non-fungible tokens = collectibles) really work. He’ll sort out why anyone would pay millions for NFT art today and what the real implications are for arts presenters.

We will also touch on managing digital rights of artists in particular and how blockchain might change the secondary ticket market. To conclude we’ll imagine our world not merely in 3D, but 5 and 6G for good measure as we bring this conference to its conclusion.

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